Friday, October 9, 2015

The Biblical Principles of Beauty

In the past Women’s Fellowship I attended in our community Church in Dasmarinas City, our resource speaker, a Christian cosmetic dermatologist, 
Dr. Ryan Encabo < >, talked about his two patients— Patient X who wants to be beautiful because she needs to be loved and Patient Y who wants to be beautiful because she is loved. 

Whereas Patient X represents the mindset of a majority of women (and also men) in this world, Patient Y represents the mindset of Godly people who already knew they are loved with an unconditional, perfect love and so they want to be good stewards of all the gifts the Divine Creator has given, including talents and skills, wealth, health, wellness and beauty. Beauty and vitality are gifts of nature to those who know how to obey its laws. It is indeed such a pity that many people perish for lack of knowledge. It is the duty of everyone to share the good news.

Dr. Encabo shared with the mothers and wives in the Women’s Ministry the basic, ancient and yet timeless principles of beauty and wellness which are all contained in the teachings of the Holy Bible. For us to easily remember these, he encapsulized them in the acronym POWERED ranked according to importance but discussed them in reversed order, as follows:

D- is for doing…, actually, exercising, which delays aging. God created us to live full, abundant , active lives and not just wait for death even if we know we are already saved (having accepted Christ as Savior). Regular exercise such as a 15 to 20-minute brisk walking every morning prevents heart ailment, cancer; decreases anxiety and depression; enhances feeling of wellness; and improves performance at work, recreational, and sports activities.

E- stands for the essential nutrients that the body needs. Let food be our medicine. Although in the Old Testament, there were foods that were not allowed to be eaten, in the New Testament, everything has become permissible. But not all that is permissible is good. Essentially, we have to eat a balanced diet, one which has protein, carbohydrates and fats, vegetable and fruit. It is good to eat saba, kamote, oatmeal, native chickens and eggs; to use virgin coconut oil in green salad dressing. Butter is okay but not margarine which is almost plastic. Chicharon is good fat. One can enjoy brewed coffee (instead of instant) but drink plenty of water afterwards. We must take water in sips rather than in gulps to moisturize and hydrate the body. Drinking water in gulps is okay to detoxify, to cleanse the body. Alkaline water is best. An indication that the body is dehydrated or lacks water is when the urine appears dark orange in color.

R- is for rest and sleep to rejuvenate, repair tissues, and build muscles. We must have 6.5 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Excessive sleep may lead to depression, diabetes, and heart ailment. We must observe the Sabbath and keep it holy, refrain from physical and mental work, and just relax.

E- stands for emotions and relationships that must be kept always positive. Negative emotions cause 90% of hospitalization. Dreaded diseases are caused by unresolved spiritual issues. Guilt causes breast cancer. Anger causes heart disease. Anxiety causes hyperacidity and ulcer. Unforgiveness causes psoriasis. Let us bring all our guilt, anger, and unforgiveness to the altar, at the feet of the Savior and set ourselves free. Declare forgiveness for ourselves and others so that we will be liberated and empowered to live joyous, abundant lives. If not, we will be the ones who will suffer and die of cancer or heart failure. It is best to confess to our trusted sisters in the fellowship-ministry, to have them forgive us by the grace of God.

W- stands for the living water, the Savior Jesus Christ, the only one who can truly satisfy the deepest human longings and desires. It is amazing to note that 70% of our body is water and that 70% also of the earth is water. Hydrotherapy, aquatherapy, cleansing and detoxification are all about healing with water in physical as well as spiritual realms.

O- is for oxygen… When God created the first human being, He gave him the breath of life. We must know how to breathe properly— from the abdomen or stomach as babies do, instead of from the lungs and nose. It is a very good habit to engage in a 15-minute inhale-exhale exercise every morning, to take in oxygen and thus promote excellent blood circulation in the body. It is healthy to take a deep breath whenever stressed, angered, or afraid.

P- is the presence of God in our lives. By God’s grace we are saved and by His Holy Spirit, we are sealed for the day of redemption. We must seek God with all our hearts, accept His Son as Savior, confess our sins and ask forgiveness and allow God to clothe us with His righteousness.

By the way, before Dr. Encabo’s lecture, he instructed us to gather at the end of the hall and form a line. To the tune of a Gospel song, he asked each of us to come forward with a unique walk, dance or move that no one else will duplicate or else, she has to go back until able to make a unique move. Our moves ranged from stylish catwalk like a model on the fashion ramp, sexy dance, youthful hiphop, hilarious antic, frog leap, chicken dance, duck walk, queenly strides, etc. We really enjoyed it. After his talk, the young and charming doctor explained that it was our  symbolic crossing of the Jordan River on our journey to the Promised Land of health, wellness, and beauty. It was awesome! Indeed, we were all empowered for we have learned the basic, timeless principles of beauty that are lasting and immensely precious, which we can pass on to our daughters and grand daughters.

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